Millimeter Wave Power Amplifiers: State of the Art and Future Technology Trends

  • Date of original webcast
    Tuesday, August 14, 2018
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    1 hour


With 5G communication just around the corner, there is a rapidly increasing need for high-performance mm-Wave power amplifiers (PA). However, these next-generation mm-Wave PAs are often expected to deliver nearly “perfect” performance. They should offer large output power to ensure sufficient link budget, broad bandwidth to support multi-standard communication or frequency reconfigurability/agility, high peak and back-off efficiency for energy saving, and also inherent linearity for Gbit/s complex modulations with minimum or even no digital pre-distortions (DPD). It is noteworthy that in conventional design notions a given PA design should typically take trade-offs among these performance aspects, instead of trying to achieve all of them. Interestingly, this somehow unreasonable quest for “perfect” mm-Wave PAs has recently stimulated a new wave of mm-Wave PA innovations at both circuit levels and architecture levels in recent years.

In this webinar talk, we will first review the state of the art of mm-Wave PA technologies and identify the technology trends based on the “Power Amplifiers Performance Survey 2000-Present” by my research group at Georgia Tech. Next, we will present several recent mm-Wave PA designs that feature various innovations at both circuit-level and architecture-level. We will also showcase several mm-Wave PA/antenna co-design examples that exploit this new design paradigm to further enhance mm-Wave PA output power and efficiency.

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Hua Wang
Hua Wang
Michael C. Hamilton
Michael C. Hamilton

Dr. Michael C. Hamilton is an Associate Professor in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Auburn University and the Assistant Director of the Alabama Microelectronics Science and Technology Center.