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Workshop on June 19th, 2022

WSD: Micro and Nano Technology Challenges to Address 6G Key Performance Indicators
Organizers: Didier Belot (CEA-LETI) / Wolfgang Heinrich (FBH)
Telecom communities are beginning to prepare the next generation of mobile telecom, the 6G, and present KPIs going to the Tbps, 300GHz carrier frequency, space multiplexing, spectrum agility, dense Massive MIMO, wide bands, and so forth. Serving these challenges, microelectronics communities must re-think their medium term roadmap: what role can CMOS processes play? Is SiGe HBT a good answer to these KPIs? Do we need more exotic technologies such as III-V HBT or HEMT? How to do Heterogeneous Integrations, in a 3D approach? How to integrate antennas and passives?


Workshop on June 20th, 2022

WMI: GaN/GaAs Technology Development and Heterogeneous Integration for Emerging mm-Wave Applications
Organizers: Ko-Tao Lee (Qorvo) / Guillaume Callet (Mitsubishi Electric)
Advances in GaN/GaAs technology and integration development have enabled RF module switching at extremely high frequency that Si devices can’t withstand. It has shaped the landscape of RF industry and enabled applications in mmWave frequency bands. In this full-day workshop, 9 talks will be presented from industrial leaders and technical experts across the globe. It covers the major breakthrough from the latest development of GaN/GaAs technology and integration, including 1) heterogeneous integration of GaN/GaAs MMIC, 2) exploratory RF devices for mmWave, and 3) applications and use-cases for mmWave technologies. In the closing of the workshop, an interactive panel discussion will be conducted between speakers and audiences.

WMH: RF Large-Signal Transistor Performance Limits Related to Reliability and Ruggedness in Mobile Circuit Applications
Michael Schroter (Technische Universität Dresden) / Peter Zampardi (Qorvo)
The focus of the workshop is to provide an overview on transistor performance limits in terms of reliably achievable RF output power of various semiconductor technologies that are presently competing for mobile radio-frequency (RF) applications such as 5G, 6G, automotive radar and imaging, operating in the mm-wave frequency range (ie 30GHz to 300GHz). Of particular interest here are power amplifiers, oscillators, Mach-Zehnder-interferometers, and all sorts of RF buffer circuits that drive transistors to their dynamic large-signal limits and are implemented in semiconductor technologies such as III-V HBTs, SiGe HBTs and FDSOI-CMOS. The presentations will explore the presently quite heterogeneous approaches for determining the transistor related safe-operating-area in terms of reliability and ruggedness for designing circuits that are supposed to deliver high output power at high frequencies in mobile applications. The workshop starts with a tutorial on the design specifications of the above mentioned circuits and the corresponding requirements for large-signal dynamic transistor operation up to the mm-wave region. Based on this motivation, several presentations will outline, for each of the technologies, the state-of-the-art of transistor characterization for RF ruggedness as well as the device physics that cause degradation and the modeling approaches for including reliability aspects in process design kits. The workshop concludes with a tutorial on existing measurements methods for large-signal device testing in the mm-wave range.