Students @ IMS

Students are the future of the MTT-S and the IMS.

  • Student Volunteers. Experience IMS as an insider and get complimentary registration when you help out as a student volunteer!
  • PhD Student Sponsorship Initiative. This initiative, established and sponsored by the IEEE MTT-S Administrative Committee, is available for all 1st/2nd year PhD students worldwide. The initiative provides sponsorship to attend IMS and (optional) RFIC.
  • Graduate Student Challenge
  • Three Minute Thesis (3MT®) Competition: This competition is designed for eligible students and Young Professionals, who indicate upon submission of a paper their desire to enter the competition and whose paper is accepted for either oral or interactive forum presentation.
  • Student Paper Competition. The purpose of the Student Paper Competition (SPC) is to recognize outstanding technical contributions from individual students. SPC finalists must present their papers at the assigned IMS session, and also at the SPC Interactive Forum (separate from the regular Interactive Forum sessions) for judging by a specially formed SPC committee of experts.
  • Student Design Competition. All eligible students or student teams are invited to consider taking part in the Student Design Competitions (SDC) during the IMS Microwave Week. The SDC is one of the most exciting part of the IMS. This is the only IMS event that students get to put theories into real hardware and software designs.

The list below provides a summary of all SDCs at IMS2019. Please click on SDC titles to view a downloadable PDF of the rules for each SDC.

  1. Carrier Aggregation BAW Quadplexer Module
  2. High-Performance Optoelectronic Oscillator
  3. High Efficiency Power Amplifier
  4. Videos at a Fancy Bar Counter: Sub-Six 5G Flexible Low-Interference Receiver
  5. Four-Channel Switchable/Reconfigurable Filter Bank
  6. Power Amplifier Linearization through Digital Pre-Distortion (DPD)
  7. Wearable/Frugal Microwave Energy Harvesting
  8. High-Sensitivity Motion Sensing Radar
  9. High-Efficiency Power Amplifier for 1.8 MHz
  10. Adaptive Relay Transceiver
  11. Backscatter Radio