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As part of the International Microwave Symposium 2017 (June 4-9, 2017) the RF nanotechnology technical committee is sponsoring a student design competition entitled “Apps for Radio-Frequency Nanotechnology.” The main motivation for application of nanotechology to electronics is to define new functionalities and new concept devices, beyond Moore, exploiting the unique features of nanostructured materials. For instance, a wide class of ballistic devices, e.g. mixers, RF detectors, sensors, antennas, logic circuits, can be modeled by accounting the wave nature of charge, with related phenomena at the meso-scale, e.g. tunneling, interference, spin effects, etc. The goal of the competition is the development of compact educational computer-software, to introduce students to the concepts related to radiofrequency nanotechnology, by implemented examples and tutorials. This software should run on laptops and tablet computers and be based on Android, Apple iOS, Mac OS 10.x, or Win-dows, from 7.x to most recent platforms. The deadline for submission is March 31, 2017. Contacts: Davide Mencarelli (d.mencarelli@univpm.it), Johannes Russer (jrusser@tum.de), and Fabio Coccetti (coccetti@laas.fr). Please visit the submission website.