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Real Advice

I’ve written an article for the XX edition of IEEE Microwave Magazine in which I share some salient bits of advice from the 2022 Design Automation Conference (DAC) Women in Engineering (WIE) panel discussion on “Real Advice for Today’s Women in Engineering.” Panelists Radhika Shankar of Synopsys, Greta Pyne of Intuit, myself, and Susanna Holt of Autodesk, as well as moderator Ann Steffora Mutscher of Semiconductor Engineering, discussed the importance of diversity for companies and what we think can be done to foster greater diversity as well as engage young women from an early age to believe that engineering and science are for them.

Details of the discussion and panelists’ insights and advice can be found at the below link.



-Sherry Hess
WIM Chair 2023