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Fauziahanim Binti Che Seman is featured in the September issue of IEEE Microwaves Magazine discussing her experiences as a woman in microwaves, where she believes the keys to success include networking, making connections, reputation, and mentoring.

She states that networking starts within a small circle of people linked by mutual interests and meaningful communication, strengthened within the workplace, community, and beyond. Making connections comes through personal contacts, during external meetings, at conference, and at professional associations. Women should consistently participate in professional associations and events, doing something to create a positive reputation. When others become aware of your presence, continue to be active and grow your reputation. Finally, women’s mentoring is especially important for career success because mentoring relationships are more likely to be available to men than women in fields where men are predominant. Women generally have a higher commitment to the family; hence, they are looking for women mentors who understand these issues.

Hopefully, these four essential topics will help inspire IEEE women in engineering to shine by keeping, joining, and staying in their fields.