Theodore S. Saad


  • 1955 - 1957, Transactions Past Editors-in-Chief, MTT Transactions, Publications**
  • 1958 - 1959, Chairmen, Ex-Officio Members**
  • 1983, Distinguished Service Award, Past Awardees**
  • 1992, Microwave Career Award, Past Awardees**


Mr. Saad has been working as a microwave engineer from the time he graduated from M.I.T. in 1941 to the present, except for a six month period, immediately after graduation. His main efforts have been in the design and development of passive microwave components. For this work, he has obtained 16 patents. He spent four years at M.I.T. Radiation Laboratory as a research associate, four years at the Submarine Signal Company, four years at Microwave Development Laboratories as Vice President and Chief Engineer, and a year at Sylvania. In early 1955, Mr. Saad became co-founder, President, and Chairman of the Board of Sage Laboratories, Inc., which positions he still holds. In 1958, Mr. Saad was a co-founder of Horizon House Microwave, Inc., which publishes “The Microwave Journal”. He was also a co-founder of Artech House, which publishes technical books. He is presently a consulting editor of the Microwave Journal. Mr. Saad is a Fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). He has been a member of the National Administrative Committee of the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society since 1953. He has been Editor of the Transactions of MTT, Editor of the Newsletter, and Vice Chairman and Chairman of the National Administrative Committee. He was the 1972 National Lecturer. He was made an Honorary Life Member in 1973. He is the MTT-S Historian and curator of its Historical Collection. He is also an active member of the IEEE and is presently Chairman of the Public Information Committee and a member of the Electro Board. He was Electro Board Chairman in 1980. For four years he was a member of the National Academy of Sciences Panel, advisory to the Radio Standards Engineering Division of the Institute for Basic Standards of the National Bureau of Standards. He was Chairman in 1969 and 1970. of of He was Chairman of the Board of the South Middlesex Area Chamber of Commerce Massachusetts in 1977 and 1978. He is a member of the Board of the Commonwealth Gas Company of Massachusetts. He was Chairman and is presently Vice Chairman of the Board of Family Health Plan Massachusetts.

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