T. Boles



M/A COM Semiconductor Business Unit


A Fully Monolithic HMIC Low Noise Amplifier

A two/three stage monolithic silicon low noise amplifier has been designed utilizing SPICE modeling techniques. The circuit design architecture is based on high frequency, small signal BJT’s, consisting of a common emitter stage at the input and a Darlington configured pair at the device output.

This paper will also cover the techniques and technology required to fabricate these monolithic high frequency circuits.

Design of Darlington Based Silicon MMIC Gain Blocks

In many wireless and CATV applications, the use of silicon MMIC gain blocks have replaced discrete devices for low level gain stages and medium power amplification. The gain blocks have become quite cost competitive in volume when compared with the discrete transistors and have the advantage of providing flat power gain while being matched to the required circuit impedances. Design concepts are presented.

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