Shinji Hara


  • 1991, Microwave Prize, Past Awardees**


Shinji Hara (M’X8) was born in Tovama, Japan. in 1960 He received the B E aid M E degrees in electronic5 engineering from Waseda Uruversity, Tokvo, Japan in 1982 ard 1984. respecticely In 1984, he joined Tokyo Rc‘earch Laboratones of the Sharp Corporation. Chba, Japan Since September 1986, he has been a researcher at ATR Optical and Radio Communications Research Laboratones, Osaka, Jap: n, on leave from the Sharp Corporation At ATR, he has been engaged in research on circuit design technologies to realize highlv integrated MMIC’s Mr Hara is a member of the Japan Societv of Appliec Physics and the Institute of Electromcs. Information and Communication Engineers of Japan.

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