Scott Wetenkamp


  • 2016, N. Walter Cox Award, Past Awardees**


Scott Wetenkamp received his BSEE (’71), MSEE (‘73), and Ph.D. (’75) from the University of Illinois. His Ph.D. thesis was on multiloop feedback techniques which led him naturally to his long-term interest in signal generation. His first job out of school was working on a 0.1 to 40 GHz microwave synthesizer for Watkins Johnson. Later he was Engineering Manager at Pacific Measurements (later became Wavetek), Vice President of Engineering at Integra Microwave, Director or Research and Development at Lucas Zeta, and Vice President of Engineering at MicroLambda Wireless. Since 1986 he has been consulting on a wide variety of microwave systems and sources ranging from low speed, low power UHF telemetry links to 86GHz 10GB data links. He has designed and built virtually every kind of synthesizer – PLL, direct, multi-loop, delta, ultra-fast switching, low-noise, Costas loops, tracking loops, and data recovery loops. Scott’s involvement with the MTT Society began as Treasurer for the Santa Clara Valley MTT Chapter in 1991. He then worked his way up the ranks becoming the local Chair in 1995. Following his involvement with the 1996 MTT IMS (San Francisco) he became the Webmaster for the MTT in 1997, and the MTT AdCom secretary in 1998. This was followed by two three-year terms as a member of the MTT AdCom.

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