Osman Ceylan

Osman Ceylan


Maury Microwave

Ontario, CA, USA


Dr Osman Ceylan is a Senior IEEE Member and the elected section vice-chair of the IEEE Foothill, CA, USA. He has been holding B.S, M.S., and PhD degrees in Electronics Engineering from Istanbul Technical University, Istanbul, Turkey.

He worked as a teaching and research assistant in the Faculty of Electrical and Electronics Engineering at the same university during his PhD study. In this period, he designed power amplifiers and communication systems for several cube and small satellite projects. He also was a researcher at The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (Sagamihara, JAXA) for a year. He joined Ampleon Netherlands in January 2016 where he designed high-power RF devices, MMICs, IPDs, and amplifiers as a member of Advanced Concepts and Systems Team. He is currently a Senior Application Engineer at Maury Microwave, Ontario, CA, USA and working on advanced RF test and measurement systems since 2019 September.

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