Mr. B. Vincent

Mr. B. Vincent


  • 2010, Microwave Application Award, Past Awardees**


Mr. Vincent received the B.S. in Electrical Engineering from Texas A&M at Kingsville in 1955 and M.S. in Engineering from U.C.L.A. in 1959.
His professional experience includes design of advanced pulse and pulse Doppler airborne radars with Hughes Aircraft to 1959.
In 1959 he joined the Research and Development Department of Texas Instruments to investigate the application of solid-state circuitry
for microwave applications. Accomplishments during this period include the design and development of numerous low noise parametric
amplifi ers including the study of application of low noise amplifi ers to microwave radiometry and a focus on techniques for applying
integration technology to RF and microwave circuitry. This included the evaluation of the properties of microstrip transmission lines to permit accurate design in this medium
and the development of numerous advanced microwave components. In 1965 he contributed to the solid-state phased array radar concept and was responsible for directing the development of the X band transmit/receive module on the MERA program. Individual circuit design contributions for this module include development of the mixer,
power amplifi er, and high Q beam lead varactors for the frequency multipliers.
In 1969 he became Manager of Research and Development for Electro/Data responsible for the development of various solid-state microwave products and special
purpose microwave receivers.
In 1970 he became a founder of Scientifi c Communications Inc. for which he served as Vice President of Engineering until 1990. Eff orts at Scientifi c Communications
focused on the development of a family of microwave and millimeter wave receivers and supporting processing units for ELINT and COMINT applications.
In 1990 he founded Signal Center Inc. to provide design and development services in the microwave fi eld for commercial applications. He served as a full time
consultant for Texas Instruments and Raytheon Corporation from 1995 through 2001 in the design and development of millimeter wave products for wireless
communication applications

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