Michal Mrozowski

Michal Mrozowski



  • 2023, Distinguished Educator Award, Past Awardees**
  • Member, TC-2 DESIGN AUTOMATION, Technical Committees**
  • Member, TC-1 FIELD THEORY AND COMPUTATIONAL EM, Technical Committees**


Michal Mrozowski received the M.Sc. degree  in Radiocommunication Engineering and PhD in Electronic Engineering, both with first class honors, from the Gdansk University of Technology in 1983 and 1990, respectively In 1986 he joined Department of Electronics, Gdansk University of Technology where he is now a Full  Professor,  the Head of the Department of Microwave and Antenna Engineering, He is also the Director of  the Doctoral School at Gdansk University of Technology.      His research interests are concerned with  the theory of guided electromagnetic waves, computational electromagnetics and photonics and microwave engineering. His current work is focused on the development of new fast numerical techniques for solving Maxwell’s equations in 3D boundary using multicore architectures and graphics processing units, automated microwave filter design using full-wave numerical methods, microwave filter synthesis,  optimization techniques, CAD/EDA of passive microwave circuits, reduced order models for mesh-based numerical techniques (e.g. FDTD and FEM), surrogate model construction and SPICE model generation  Prof. M. Mrozowski is a Fellow  of the  Electromagnetics Academy and an elected corresponding member of the Polish Academy of Sciences. He is a past vice-dean for research of ETI Faculty, past  chairman of the Polish AES/AP/MTT Chapter and in 2004-2005 he served as Associate Editor for IEEE Microwave and Wireless Components Letters.  He has developed several computational  modules that were then integrated into commercial microwave CAD/EDA software. He was awarded almost 20 research grants from various agencies  in Poland, European Union and  the United States. He also consulted for companies in the US and Canada.

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