Ivan Rebollo



I joined NXP Semiconductors in Austria (Gratkorn, Graz) in 2012 as IC architect for Identification and Security in the RFID (https://www.nxp.com/products/identification-and-security/smart-label-and…)
and MIFARE domains (https://www.nxp.com/products/identification-and-security/mifare-ics). Our focus is the ultra-low power IC design for full-passive solutions (no batteries), having a strong interaction with the antenna design and all the environmental disturbances.
I was born in Barcelona, Spain, and I have received the Electrical Engineering Master (1999), the Mechanical Engineering Master (2006), and the PhD (2012) degrees in TECNUN, Universidad de Navarra, San Sebastian, Spain. I joined the CEIT research center (San Sebastian) after my first studies, and moved to INCIDE (now IXYS) a start-up company, spin-off of the CEIT-COMMIC group in 2000 where I worked as consultant for Siemens/Infineon (2000-2001) and RF IC designer till 2007. After a brief period (Dec 2007 – Aug 2008) in Madrid working for EZENTIS as R&D lead in the GPS location system group, I joined FARSENS as R&D manager, a new start-up/spin-off company of the CEIT-COMMIC group, focusing on the research and development of UHF RFID IC design for sensor interfacing. During this time, I studied the PhD focused in the UHF IC design, working closely to the TECNUN and CEIT teams, and writing several publications.

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