Hiroshi Kondoh

Hiroshi Kondoh


EFH Consulting / Centellax


  • Member, TC-27 CONNECTED AND AUTONOMOUS SYSTEMS, Technical Committees**


Hiroshi Kondoh received his Ph.D. degree in EE from Cornell University, NY, USA, in 1982. His professional positions in the past include Research Associate at Cornell University, Project Manager in Microwave Technology Division, Hewlett-Packard (Santa Rosa, CA), Senior Chief Researcher at the Central Research Lab., Hitachi Ltd. (Tokyo, Japan), and COO at Centellax (Santa Rosa, CA).

His technical experience and contributions include development of mm-wave MMIC circuits and a MODFET-based MMIC process, modeling of MMIC devices/components, microwave/mm-wave packaging and module technologies with/without built-in planar antennas, mm-wave automotive radar and sensor systems, and 100’s-Gbps optical communication components.  MMIC technologies involved with these R&D activities cover from GaAs, InP to SiGe and CMOS.

He is an IEEE fellow and currently works as an independent consultant.

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