Henrik Ramberg

Henrik Ramberg


3D Fortify


  • Member, TC-17 Microwave Materials and Processing Technologies, Technical Committees**


Henrik K. Ramberg holds a M.Sc degree (2008) in Physics with a focus on electromagnetics and antennas from the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, Sweden.  During his studies at Lund University, he was selected to participate in a 1-year exchange program at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign in its Electrical Engineering Department where he continued to specialize in electromagnetics.

Upon graduation Mr. Ramberg began his career at Laird Connectivity where he designed and developed antennas specializing not only in inventing and building prototypes but implementing the products to mass production.  He managed a team of RF engineers, trained other engineers globally, and traveled regularly to customer and production sites.

During his time at Laird he worked on many OEM antenna solutions including successful product launches in application areas such as In Building antennas for DAS, Base Station and massive MiMO.

Currently Mr. Ramberg works as a Senior RF/Antenna Applications Engineer at 3DFortify in Boston, Massachusetts.  3D Fortify specializes in 3D printing low loss dielectric resins with applications in GRIN (Gradient Refractive Index) RF lenses.

He currently holds 4 patents.

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