Erwin F. Belohoubek


  • 1979, Microwave Application Award, Past Awardees**


Erwin F. Belohoubek received a Diplom-lngenieur degree in 1953 and a PhD in Electrical
Engineering in 1955 from the Technical University in Vienna, Austria. From 1953 to 1955 he
worked as a Research Assistant at the Institute for High-Frequency Techniques at the
Technical University.
In 1956 he joined the RCA Tube Division in Harrison, New Jersey, as Research Engineer
and, in 1957, transferred to the David Sarnoff Research Center, in Princeton, as a Member of
Technical Staff, where he worked on the development of magnetrons, electrostatically and
magnetically focused traveling-wave tubes, and a crossed-field microwave delay tube.
In 1969 Dr. Belohoubek was put in charge of a group working on microwave hybrid
integrated circuits. Currently, as Head of Microwave Circuits Technology at the Microwave
Technology Center, he is responsible for the development of passive and active MIC circuits,
including high-power transistor amplifiers, multipliers, linear bipolar and FET amplifiers, active
microwave filters, various solid-state radars, and other microwave subsystems. He received
an Outstanding Performance Award from the RCA Electronic Components Division in 1963
and an RCA Laboratories Achievement Award in 1967.
Dr. Belohoubek holds eight patents and has written more than 25 papers in the areas of
microwave techniques, traveling-wave tubes, and microwave integrated circuits. He is a
Fellow of IEEE.

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