John W. Bandler

John W. Bandler


Bandler Corp., Dundas

ON, Canada


  • 1970 - 1974, Transactions Past Associate Editors, MTT Transactions, Publications**
  • 2004, Microwave Application Award, Past Awardees**
  • 2013, Microwave Career Award, Past Awardees**
  • Member, TC-2 DESIGN AUTOMATION, Technical Committees**


Professor Emeritus, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
McMaster University
John Bandler, Professor Emeritus, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, McMaster University, is an engineer, entrepreneur, innovator, researcher, artist, speaker, and author of fiction, including stage plays. See his YouTube channel for examples. He has published 500 technical papers, pioneered space mapping, and won several awards, including both the Microwave Application and Microwave Career Awards from IEEE MTT-S. In 1997, Hewlett-Packard acquired his company Optimization Systems Associates Inc. A Fellow of several societies, including the IEEE and the Royal Society of Canada, he has been honored by a Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal. In 2016 he was appointed Officer of the Order of Canada, his citation beginning with “John Bandler has helped to put Canada at the forefront of microwave technology” and ending with “He has been a mentor to numerous highly successful students, and a strong advocate for the inclusion of more women in the field of engineering.” He mentors individuals for presentations, and is co-organizing the first ever 3MT® competition for the 2017 IEEE International Microwave Symposium.


Microwave CAD Using Space Mapping Technology

Space mapping optimization intelligently links “coarse” and “fine” models of different complexities, e.g., full-wave electromagnetic simulations and empirical circuit-theory based simulations, to accelerate iterative design optimization of engineering structures. It is a simple CAD methodology which closely follows the traditional experience and intuition of microwave designers. The exploitation of properly managed space mapping models promises significant efficiency in engineering design optimization practices.

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