Ajay Poddar

Ajay Poddar


Synergy Microwave Inc.

2 River Drive, Elmwood Park, NJ 07407


  • Member, TC-10 Signal Generation and Frequency Conversion, Technical Committees**
  • Member, Subcommittee: Regional Education Initiative, Education Committee, Standing Committees**
  • Region 1-6, Subcommittee: SIGHT, Member and Geographic Activities Committee, Standing Committees**
  • Regions 1-7, Regional Activities, Inter-Society Committee, Standing Committees**
  • Speakers bureau, TC-10 Signal Generation and Frequency Conversion, Technical Committees**


Ajay K. Poddar (SM 2005, Fellow 2015) is an IEEE Fellow, working as a Chief Scientist at Synergy Microwave, NJ, USA, responsible for design and development of signal generation and signal processing electronics for industrial, medical, space applications. He is also serving as a visiting professor in University of Oradea, Romania, Indian Institute of Technology Jammu, India, and guest lecturer in Technical University Munich, Germany. Ajay Poddar graduated from IIT-Delhi, India; Doctorate (Dr.-Ing.) from Technical University Berlin, Germany; Post Doctorate (Dr.-Ing. habil) from Brandenburg Technical University Cottbus, Germany. He has received over dozen awards and 30 plus patents for technological innovations and leaderships, published 250 plus scientific papers in journals, magazine, and conference proceedings, co-authored 4-technical books/chapters. For the past 30 years, he has been serving in several scientific committee, professional societies, and voluntary organizations. He has served as elected Members-at Large AdCom member of IEEE MTT-S and AdCom Member of IEEE AP-S. Currently, he is serving as a Region-1 Coordinator MTT-S MGA, MTT-S SIGHT Committee Member, MTT-S Inter-Society Committee Member, Chair of IEEE HAC Society Partnership Engagement Working Group, Chair of IEEE AP-S Chapter Activity Committee, Co-Chair of IEEE AP-S COPE (Committee on Promoting Equality), Chair of IEEE AP-S Inter-Society Committee and Chair of IEEE North Jersey Section.


Design Challenges in High Frequency Low Phase Noise Signal Sources

The high frequency low phase noise source circuit is an important and critical module for modern communication system. The design for high frequency signal sources is challenging, holds a promising future for application in 5G, IoT and improving the efficiency of modern communication systems. Reducing noise and power consumption become a major challenge in wireless, biomedical sensor, Radio identification device and deep space communication applications. As a vital factor affecting system cost and lifetime, energy consumption is an emerging and challenging research topic. This talk presents a practical design approach for low phase nose signal source targeting frequency from 10 MHz to 100 GHz operating frequency ranges. Examples are Crystal Oscillator, SAW Oscillator, Dielectric Resonator Oscillator, Planar Resonator Oscillator, and Opto-Electronic Oscillator.

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