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Proof-of-Concept Demonstration of Vector Beam Pattern Measurements of Kinetic Inductance Detectors

An international team of researchers from the U.S., the Netherlands, and Japan presents the first vector beam pattern measurement of microwave kinetic inductance detectors (MKIDs). The method should facilitate vector beam pattern measurements using direct detectors, reducing systematic error and allowing near-field as well as far-field measurement.

POWER Compact Wireless Power Transfer Using Defected Ground Structures

A novel approach to compact, efficient wireless power transfer systems is based on coupled defected ground structure (DGS) resonators, of which two types are proposed: H-shape and the higher-inductance semi-H-shape.

BIOLOGY Noninvasive Measurement of Rat Cardiorespiratory Movement

Doppler radar and nonlinear phase demodulation in a 60-GHz radar achieve simultaneous, accurate, non-contact measurement of both displacements and frequencies of a laboratory rat’s cardio-respiratory activities.

VNA Highly Integrated 4-32-GHz Two-Port Vector Network Analyzer

In a step towards the VNA-on-a-chip, a team of research engineers describes a two-port VNA with a multi-octave bandwidth from 4 to 32 GHz. As a proof of concept, the device is applied to a biomedical sensing scenario.

MANUFACTURING High-Performance RF Devices Printed on Flexible Cellulose

Novel additive manufacturing technologies, like metal adhesive laminate and multi-layer inkjet printing, are applied to high-performance capacitors and inductors exhibiting quality factors higher than 70.

ECOLOGY Tracking Bees with High Tx-Rx Isolation Radar

An innovative radar architecture improves isolation of the harmonic radar between the transmitter and the receiver. Field tests tracking bees show leakage interference far lower than in standard configurations.

POWER Hybrid Integrated Microfluidic Channels Tune and Cool an RF Reconfigurable S-/C-Band
GaN-Based Power Amplifier

A gallium nitride (GaN)-based power amplifier is cooled and tuned via multifunctional hybrid microfluidic channels integrated on a multilayer organic substrate of liquid crystal polymer and ceramic-filled PTFE. Tuning channels are integrated in the organic matrix; cooling channels are micromachined in copper.

MONITORING Microwave Detection of Dielectric Objects in Powders

A microwave-based measurement technique for detecting dielectric objects in powder materials flowing through metal pipes, employing a non-intrusive sensor that uses multiple resonant modes for high sensitivity to permittivity variations inside the pipe.

YOUNG PROFESSIONALS “Shape the Minds That Will Create Our Future!”

NASA research engineer Quenton Bonds has a mission to put elementary and high-school students on the road to success. His Accelerated Destiny program introduces kids to a steady diet of STEM education, business basics, and real-world engineering problems.

MEETINGS Coming Up: Microwave & RF, Asia Pacific Microwaves, Latin-America Microwave

The upcoming MTT-S meetings for December and January include: International Microwave and RF (Delhi, 5-9 Dec.); Asia Pacific Microwaves (Delhi, 5-9 Dec.); Latin America Microwaves (Puerto Vallarta, 12-14 Dec.); Radio Wireless Symposium (Phoenex, 14-18 Jan.).