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IEEE Microwave Magazine – November 2022

The November issue of the IEEE Microwave Magazine is out. And Happy 70th birthday to the MTT society! In our issue we have ten columns dedicated to different aspects of the MTT-S over the past 70 years. And that’s in addition to our regular features and columns.

The features in this issue are from the magnetics technical committee. You can learn about circuit models of magnetic devices, tunable thin film magnetics for filters and systems, and an irresistible look at non-reciprocal metamaterials. For the real low down on these features check out the Guest Editor’s Desk column. And to really understand the issue check out the Editor’s Desk column. I’ll discuss the 70th celebration columns later. Our President’s Column takes on legacy. Something begun in 1952 now has over 10,000 fascinating members. Young and old but all interesting. We have lost too many in the last two years, let’s welcome and encourage all our younger members into this fascinating and fun area of work. Our Society News column reviews a “Getting to know our publications” event at IMS2022. Our Women in Microwaves column focuses on IMS2023 in San Diego and moving an imbalance towards a balance. Don’t miss it.

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