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IEEE Microwave Magazine – July 2020

Understanding the linear properties of the various circuits and systems used in microwave engineering, as well as in general electrical engineering, is difficult enough without further increasing the level of difficulty by considering the fundamental impacts of noise.  When noise is mentioned in the classroom, for example, terms such as “signal-to-noise-ratio” are most often discussed in statistical terms, without exploring the fundamental origins of the various sources of noise and how noise differs from other undesired signals such as distortion brought on by nonlinear processes.  No matter the difficulty of the topic, noise is a major requirement for circuits and systems that must be considered; noise modeling represents our best attempts to describe real world behavior and how to improve performance based on this behavior.  This month’s issue was organized by the MTT Society’s Technical Committee MTT-11 on Low Noise Techniques and provides the reader with an in-depth look at the complex topic of noise and noise analysis and modeling, presented by experts in the field.

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