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Terahertz Quantum Cascade Laser Frequency Combs

Quantum cascade lasers have shown tremendous potential for generating frequency combs in the mid-infrared and terahertz regions. Four wave mixing (FWM) is the main comb formation process. Group velocity dispersion (GVD) is the main comb-degradation mechanism. And spatial hole burning (SHB) has a considerable impact on whether a device will operate as a comb or not.

IMS2017 Microwave Holography Takes 3-Minute Thesis Prize

Daniel Tajik of McMaster University’s accelerated talk, “Microwave Holography: The Future of Medical Imaging,” took first-place honors in the 3-Minute Thesis competition at IMS2017 in Honolulu last month.

RECTENNAS Flexible 2.45-GHz Power-Harvesting Wristband

A University of Bristol (UK) group built a flexible wristband that generates a net dc output from a -24.3 dBm RF input at 2.45 GHz, a 7.3-dB improvement in the state of the energy-harvesting art.

CALL FOR PAPERS Substrate Integrated Waveguides for MHz through THz

Submit papers by 1 October 2017 for the April 2018 IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques special issue on “Substrate Integrated Waveguide Circuits and Systems for MHz-Through-THz Wireless and Photonics Applications.”

THZ DETECTION Antenna-Coupled Nanoscale Thermolectric Converters

A novel means of detecting THz waves via nanoscale thermoelectric converter that produces electrical signals from the heat generated by a dipole antenna tuned to 600 GHz.

ASSISTANCE 15 October Deadline for MTT-S Fellowships/Scholarships

The deadline for Graduate Fellowships and Spring Undergraduate Scholarships is 15 October. Graduate awards include a $6,000 scholarship and up to $1,000 to travel to IMS2018. Undergraduate awards include a $1,500 scholarship, $1,000 for travel, and a one year student membership in IEEE and MTT-S.

WIRELESS POWER Printed UWB Rectifiers for Energy Havesting

Researchers demonstrate novel ultra-wideband energy harvesters: Octave prototype showed RF-to-dc conversion efficiency greater than 60% over a 470 to 860 MHz frequency range, while inkjet-printed decade device showed better than 33% efficiency over 250 to 3000 MHz..

IMS2017 Prizes for Advanced Practice Paper Competition

Laya Mohammadi, a Virginia Polytechnic Institute engineer, took first place in the IMS2017 Advanced Practice Paper Competition with, “A Notch-Feedback Based 4th-Order 2-4 GHz Bandpass Filter System for S-Band Radar Receiver Protection Under the LTE and Radar Coexistence”

SENSORS Miniaturized Cavity Resonator for Humidity Sensing

Substantial ( 73.3% and 86.2%) miniaturization of substrate-integrated waveguide sensors at 6 GHz and 6.9 GHz, using quarter-mode and ridged quarter-mode techniques, with a four-fold improvement in sensititvity for detecting changes in relative humidity levels between 0%–80%.

IMAGING Fast Quantitative Imaging with Scattered-Power Maps

A new direct-inversion method, scattered-power mapping (SPM), for fast quantitative microwave imaging builds on a recently proposed inversion strategy that demonstrated quantitative direct reconstruction with experimentally acquired system point-spread functions.

COMING UP mmWaves, Ubiquitous Wireless Broadband, Sarnoff Symposium

Upcoming MTT-S-sponsored meetings include Millemetre Waves and Terahertz Technologies (UCMMT 2017, Liverpoool, 11-13 Sep.), Ubiquitous Wireless Broadband (Salamanca, 12-15 Sep.), the Sarnoff Sumposium (Newark, NJ, 18-20 Sep.) and Microwave Advanced Materials and Processes (Pavia, 20-22 Sep.)


MACOM RF Energy ToolKit

Macom (Lowell, MA) offers its “RF Energy Toolkit” to help OEMs adapt their product designs to incorporate GaN-based RF energy sources for a wide range of applications—spanning cooking, lighting, industrial heating/drying, medical/pharmaceutical, automotive ignition systems and beyond.


Skyworks 5G Technology White Paper

Skyworks Solutions offers its white paper, “5G in Perspective – A Pragmatic Guide to What’s Next,” providing the company’s insights into the quickly evolving fifth generation (5G) global telecommunications standard, the current state of LTE networks, their evolution towards 5G user experience, and the tools and techniques required for a 100x improvement in data throughput.

Massive MIMO Beamforming in Motion

This Remcom (State College, PA) study generated the complex channel matrix for each of several devices in an urban environment, then applied the Maximum Ratio Transmission and Zero Forcing beamforming algorithms to create animations that show how the beams actually form to reach out from the base station to the user device.

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