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Education Special Session in 2022 IEEE MTT-S IWS

The education special session in the 2022 IEEE MTT-S International Wireless Symposium (IWS) was supported by the Education Committee of IEEE MTT-S AdCom, which aims at providing opportunities for collaborative learning and facilitates microwave authoritative information exchange to educate and support faculties/students throughout their career paths.

The 2022 IEEE MTT-S IWS was successfully held in Harbin, China, from 12th to 15th August 2022. During this event, the Education Special Session was held in a joint on-site and online form during 10:15-12:00 on August 14th. The theme of this special session is “Making Microwave Graduate Education International.” Prof. Jinghui Qiu [Harbin Institute of Technology] and Prof. Wenquan Che [South China University of Technology] served as co-chairs of the session.

In the beginning, Prof. Wenquan Che started the session and made an opening speech. The strategies and obligations of the IEEE MTT-S Education Committee, fellowships, distinguished microwave instructor (DMI) program, and Ph.D. student initiative program were introduced in detail. In addition, Prof. Che shows the audience the newly established multilingual 3MT for students with different languages.

The second part contains two theme reports, which were given by Prof. Jun Hu [University of Electronic Science and Technology of China] and Prof. Hua Zong [Harbin Institute of Technology]. Prof. Hu shared the history and current situation of EMFWT in UESTC. Then, Prof. Hu shows the research-oriented teaching and project based courses of EMFWT in UESWT. The emerging engineering curriculum integrates the concept of scientific research and education step by step. In the second talk, Prof. Zong presented a speech titled “Countermeasures and Practice of Online Teaching Mode under the Normalization of Epidemic Prevention and Control.” Online teaching has gradually become routine since the full outbreak of COVID-19 in 2020. To make online teaching more effective, Prof. Zong traduced two solutions: one is better “student-centered”; another one is finer teaching design.

The panel discussion was taken place in the last part. Our invited panelists are Prof. Jinghui Qiu [Harbin Institute of Technology], Prof. Jun Hu [University of Electronic Science and Technology of China], Prof. Kai Kang [University of Electronic Science and Technology of China], Prof. Hua Zong [Harbin Institute of Technology] Dr. Guangxu Shen [Nanjing University of Posts and Telecommunications], and Prof. Wenquan Che [South China University of Technology]. The discussed topics are:

  1. Electromagnetics is a well-established discipline. What are the new directions for young researchers? In front of hot emerging areas such as big data, artificial intelligence, etc., how can EM major attract good students?
  2. Students’ physical and mental health is vital. How to foster healthier mentor-student relationships?

The panel discussion lasted over half one hour. The well-established professors shared fascinating viewpoints with the audience.

Let us expect microwave education to grow better!