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Education Special Session in 2021 IEEE MTT-S IWS

The education special session in the 2021 IEEE MTT-S International Wireless Symposium (IWS) was supported by the Education Committee of IEEE MTT-S AdCom, which aims at providing opportunities for collaborative learning and facilitates microwave authoritative information exchange to educate and support faculties/students throughout their career paths.

The 2021 IEEE MTT-S IWS was successfully hold in Nanjing, China from 23th to 26th, May 2021. During this event, the Education Special Session held in a joint on-site and on-line form in the afternoon on May 25th. The theme of this special session is “Making Microwave Graduate Education International”. Prof. Wei Hong [Southeast University] and Prof. Wenquan Che [South China University of Technology] served as co-chairs of the session.

At the beginning, Prof. Wei Hong started the session and greeted the audiences. Prof. Wenquan Che made an opening speech and introduced the strategies and obligations of IEEE MTT-S Education Committee, especially the microwave resources and newly raised distinguished microwave educator (DME) program. Then, Prof. Che also shows the audiences the newly established IEEE MTT-S WeChat platform, which will be run as the official channel of IEEE MTT-S in China.

The second part contains two theme reports, which is chaired by Prof. Zhi Hao Jiang [Southeast University] chaired the session. The two invited presenters are given by Prof. Er-Ping Li [Zhejiang University] and Prof. Yejun He [Shenzhen University]. Prof. Li shared his experience on establishing the new Zhejiang University (ZJU) International Campus in Haining District, namely the Urbana-Champaign ZJU-UIUC Institute. The ZJU-UIUC Institute provides world-class teaching and research platform. In the presentation, topics including innovative engineering, science education, and faculty recruitment were covered. In the second talk, Prof. He discussed his recent exploration on the multi-level teaching method of antenna technology. He also summarized his teaching methods in three parts: 1) putting forward multi-dimensional teaching steps; 2) extending theoretical teaching to practical teaching; 3) pointing out potential teaching methods.

The panel discussion was taken place in the last part. Our invited panelists are: Prof. Wei Hong [Southeast University], Prof. Er-Ping Li [Zhejiang University], Prof. Quan Xue [South China University of Technology], Prof. Ming Yu [South University of Science and Technology], and Prof. Zhizhang Chen [Dalhousie University]. Prof. Kwai-Man Luk [City University of Hong Kong], Prof. Wenquan Che [South China University of Technology] and Prof. Yong Xin Guo [National University of Singapore] also shared their opinions. The discussed topics are:

  1. Electromagnetics is a well-established discipline, what are the new directions for young researchers?
  2. In front of hot emerging areas such as big data, artificial intelligence, etc., how EM major can attract good students?
  3. How faculties can inspire and foster the innovation ability of graduate students and upgrade their internationally competitive?
  4. Severe research direction unbalance in current graduate student education in China.
  5. Foster the social responsibility of graduate students and healthier mentor-student relationships.

The panel discussion lasted over one hour. Very interesting viewpoints were shared by the well-established professors with the audiences, which made all of the participants more aware of the microwave education.

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