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 Nuno Carvalho, Zoya Popovic
 Universidade de Aveiro, University of Colorado, Boulder,
 Auditorium 1

Wireless power transmission (WPT) has gained a lot of attention over the past decade, and various applications have been proposed, from low-power IoT device non-directive powering to beaming millimeter waves for propulsion. The goal of this workshop is to present a critical review of WPT applications, from very low-power to high-power ones, using kHz to GHz frequencies. Near-field inductive and capacitive power transfer in the kHz and low MHz ISM bands will be first overviewed and then compared in the context of kW-level power for both stationary and in-motion electric vehicles. Power transfer for implants will be discussed, and near-field compared to mid-field. Directive beaming for Space Solar Satellites will be overviewed in the context of existing demonstrations, and roadblocks to real systems presented. Finally, non-directive far-field low-power Simultaneous Wireless Information and Power Transfer (SWIPT) will be addressed as a way to make 5G – Massive IoT a reality. The 5G – Massive Internet-of-Things (MIoT) vision calls for thousands of interconnected devices using a multitude of sensors to provide useful information. As a result, mechanical and electrical properties become important, such as conformal profile, compact size, flexibility, stretchability, or even biodegradable properties. The combination of wireless power transmission and information can be the solution to address the needs of Massive IoT, due to the simplicity of the circuit and the ability to minimize the usage of batteries or even completely eliminate them.