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IMS 2023 WSO: Advanced Wafer-Level Heterogeneous Integration and Packaging for mm-Wave 5G and 6G Applications

Organizers: Kamal Samanta, Kevin Xiaoxiong Gu

Organizer organizations: Sony, Metawave

Date: June 11th 2023

Location:  San Diego Convention Center Room 32AB

This workshop will cover various recently developed technologies and the state-of-the-art performance in wafer-level integration and packaging technologies and manufacturing techniques with challenges and possible future directions and solutions. In particular, it will highlight the latest advances in the areas such as embedded wafer-level ball grid array (eWLB) technology for system integration with high Q interconnects and passives in thin-film Re-Distribution Layers (RDL), wafer-level heterogeneous integration of different substrates, BiCMOS embedded TSVs, sub-THz on-chip antenna integration, innovative Fan-Out technologies for wafer-level package, RF IPD, and FOSiP, and embedding various chips within the silicon Metal-Embedded Chip/Chiplet Assembly. Further, the workshop will present the practical realization of highly integrated systems, including 60GHz and 77GHz eWLB transceiver modules with integrated antennas, 3D wafer-level packaging for mm-wave and sub-mm-wave space systems, and hetero-integration technology solutions to enable a full 2D array of phased array systems above 120GHz.