Governance Documents

The documents below provide information about current operations and procedures of the the Society.  They are available for download.

Information and Instructions for Nominating MTT Society Members For Election to the MTT Administrative Committee

MTT-S members are invited to submit nominations for election to the Society’s governing body, the Administrative Committee or “AdCom”. Members may nominate their peers or themselves by following the instructions described  at the Nominations to AdCom page.

MTT ADCOM Amends Constitution and Bylaws

The MTT Society has recently amended the Bylaws. Two changes have been made.

1) Bylaws were amended to eliminate the Radio and Wireless Symposium (RWS) Executive Committee as an MTT ADCOM Standing Committee. RWS Committee is now together with Radio and Wireless Week (RWW) in the Procedures section of the Manual under Meetings and Symposia.

2) Bylaws were amended to clarify the AdCom Voting rights for co-Editors-in-Chief (see approved wording of Bylaws amendment).

These amendments will go into effect 30 days after this posting. Please contact the MTT-S Operations Committee Chair, Gregory Lyons, at for any comments.

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