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July 2023

Measurement of Time Dependent Reflection, Transmission, and Absorption in Laser Driven Silicon and GaAs Switches for 250 GHz Radiation

by G. Li, E. L. Claveau, S. K. Jawla, S. C. Schaub, M. A. Shapiro and R. J. Temkin

Abstract: This paper presents a theoretical and experimental discussion of reflectance and transmittance for S and P-polarized radiation at 250 GHz for silicon and gallium arsenide wafers irradiated by a 6 ns pulsed, 532 nm laser to determine absorption. A two-layer stratified medium theory was developed relying on the Vogel model for carrier lifetime and the Drude model for permittivity. These results contribute to the potential future commercialization of laser-driven semiconductor switch applications such as coupling to a resonant ring or storage cavity.