Microwave education around the world

Education in microwave theory and techniques is widely offered across the globe. The world map below indicates universities that offer courses in microwave engineering and where
research in one or more of the MTT Technical Areas is being conducted.
Which region are you in?

Map Instructions

To view chapters on the map, please select one or more IEEE regions from the controls above the map. You may toggle region selections on and off, or clear the map entirely by clicking the Reset control.

Markers will be displayed on the map and chapter titles will be displayed in a list. Click a chapter title or marker to view chapter details. To close the chapter details click the X in the upper right corner or press the Escape key.

You can zoom the map by double-clicking on it, by using the +/- zoom control, or with your mouse's scroll wheel.

You can pan the map by clicking and dragging the map.


This world map has recently been initiated and is still being populated. If you are a student in microwave engineering and your university is not yet indicated on the map, propose your professor to send a message mtt.edu.map@gmail.com. The message should contain the following information:

  • Name of the university
  • Street address, City, State, Country
  • Names and e-mail addresses of microwave professors at this university, as well as their IEEE membership number [professors should preferably be MTT-S member]
  • Link to the website of the research group or university

Note that e-mail addresses will be used to keep the microwave educators informed about the MTT-S educational activities. The e-mail addresses will not be displayed on the educators world map. The postal address is used for localization on the world map.

Region Maps

  R1-R6 — United States of America
  R7 — Canada
  R8 — Europe,Middle East&Africa
  R9 — Latin America
  R10 — Asia&Pacific
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