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Microwave Enabled Quantum Computing

by David E. Root, Keysight Laboratories, Keysight Technologies, Inc., Santa Rosa, CA, USA

on Sunday, June 28th, 02:00PM UTC

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Abstract: Quantum computation promises to transform society as profoundly as any previous technological revolution in human history. Certain information processing problems (e.g., breaking classical encryption protocols based on factoring large integers) that are completely intractable for present day and any conceivable future classical supercomputer, may one day become practical by harnessing the immense power of quantum mechanics through the engineering and control of interacting two-level quantum bits, or qubits.
Microwaves play a fundamental role in qubit state initialization, superposition, entanglement, general manipulation for implementing quantum algorithms, and readout in many of the most promising qubit technologies (e.g. superconducting qubits based on Josephson junctions). Moreover, classical microwave-based electronic control systems featuring scalable, multi-channel, synchronous stimulus response measurements with low-latency feedback may be the key to ultimately realizing practical quantum computers.
This talk introduces the exciting potential, basic principles, and significant technical challenges of practical quantum computation. The emphasis is on the fundamental role of microwaves and microwave engineering in the design and physical realization of quantum technologies, and the implementation of quantum algorithms using classical microwave electronic control systems. The emergence of a new “quantum engineering” discipline represents an exciting opportunity for the present and next generation of physical scientists, computer scientists, and microwave engineers.

Speaker’s Bio: David E. Root received B.S. degrees in physics and mathematics, and the Ph.D. degree in physics, all from MIT.  He is currently Research Fellow at Keysight Laboratories, Keysight Technologies, Inc., Santa Rosa, CA. Dr. Root is a well-known pioneer of measurement-based nonlinear device and behavioral modelling. Current interests include the physics and engineering of quantum information technology. He has authored or co-authored over 100 peer-reviewed publications, four books, and multiple patents. He was co-recipient of the 2007 IEEE ARFTG Technology Award, served as MTT-S Distinguished Microwave Lecturer from 2006 – 2008, and has been a Fellow of the IEEE since 2002.