Working in Space Together

Working in Space Together

IEEE Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Systems Workshop

Join us for a complimentary workshop on advances in Low-Earth Orbit Satellite Systems, organized by the IEEE LEO SatS project. This virtual event will feature experts discussing topics such as innovations in antennas, heterogeneous spacecraft networks, ground station networks, atmospheric process observations, and a 10-year technical roadmap outlook for the satellite communications field.


11:00:00 AM EST
LEO SatS Team: “The IEEE LEO SatS Project at a Glance”

11:16:00 AM
1. Andreas Knopp – “Opportunities and Challenges of LEO Technology Demonstration Missions”

11:32:00 AM
2.Tomaso De Cola – “Edge Computing (R)Evolution in the Era of Satellite Megaconstellations”

11:48:00 AM
3. Gunes Kurt – “An Overview of Communications and Networking in LEO Mega-Constellations”

12:04:00 PM
4. Halim Yanikomeroglu – “The Holy Grail of LEO Research: Direct Connectivity to the Smartphone”;

12:20:00 PM
5. Han Zhu – “Aerial Access Networks for 6G: From UAV-HAP-to Satellite Communication Networks”

12:35:00 PM: BREAK 1 (5 min)

12:41:00 PM
6. Giovanni Giambene – “Advanced Solutions for Beyond 5G Satellite Systems – The International Network Generations Roadmap Satellites Working Group”

12:57:00 PM
7. Mike Fitch – “LEO Satellite Systems Integration with 5G”

1:13:00 PM
8. Lawrence Reeves – “Educational Initiatives for Building Capability in Universities and Industry”

1:29:00 PM
9. Eleftherios Kosmas – “Free and Accessible Space for all Creating Open Source Space Technologies”

1:45:00 PM: BREAK 2 (5 min)

1:50:00 PM
10. Zak Kassas – “Ad Astra: Navigation with Megaconstellation LEO Satellites”

2:06:00 PM
11. Rossella Falcone – “Ground Segment for the CO2Image Mission” and

2:22:00 PM
12. Steven Reising – “Small Satellite Constellations to Improve Revisit Times for Atmospheric Process Observations from LEO”

2:38:00 PM
LEO SatS Team: Wrap Up & Closing Remarks