Near Field Probes: Useful in Electronic Design





Wednesday, Feb 01, 2023
4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (New Delhi Time)

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Near Field Probes: Useful in Electronic Design

Prof. Arturo Mediano
University of Zaragoza, Spain

Abstract: Engineers working with electronic products are usually very interested in EMI fundamentals because they experiment (suffer) their effects in the lab (EMI and “RF black magic”) or in the market regulations (EMC). Many of them usually need to solve the problems in a short time, under stress and by trial and error. In that process, electric and magnetic near field probes are very useful tools. Near field probes are useful too in a lot of other jobs for as for example tuning circuits in a “non-invasive” way or finding RF spurs. The simple ideas and practical examples presented in talk will be very useful for those engineers, from novice to experimented, including RF/EMI/EMC specialists.

Speaker’s Bio: Prof. Arturo Mediano Teaching Professor in EMI/EMC/RF/SI University of Zaragoza (SPAIN) Arturo Mediano is the founder of The HF-Magic Lab®, a specialized laboratory for design, diagnostic, troubleshooting, and training in the EMI/EMC, Signal Integrity, and RF fields at I3A (University of Zaragoza). He received his M.Sc. (1990) and his Ph. D. (1997) in Electrical Engineering from the University of Zaragoza (Spain), where he has held a teaching professorship in EMI/EMC/RF/SI since 1992. For more than 30 years Arturo has been involved in R&D projects with many companies in the EMI/EMC, Signal Integrity and RF fields for communications, industry, medical, and scientific applications. He regularly shares his knowledge and expertise with students and engineers in teaching courses and seminars.