MTT-S Chapter Chair Meeting 2021

MTT-S Chapter Chair Meeting 2021

Our next Chapter Chair Meeting will be conducted online and it is scheduled as follows:

Date: Friday April 2nd 2021
Time:  15:00 London Time, duration 2 hours   (7am Los Angeles / 10am New York/ 3pm Lisbon, London / 4pm Paris, Madrid, Rome / 5pm Capetown, Tel Aviv / 6pm Moscow / 8:30pm New Delhi / 10pm Hong Kong / 11pm Tokyo / Saturday 1am Sydney)

IEEE Committee Address
– MTT President address
– MTT Education
– IEEE Humanitarian activities

Invited Technical Talk
by Alessandra Costanzo

Title: Batteryless RF/Microwave Systems
Abstract: In the next future we will be surrounded  in our daily lives by a multitude of small, relatively inexpensive computing devices, equipped with wireless communication and sensing featuring the concept of  “pervasive intelligence”, a basis from which we can envision our future world as an Internet of Everything (IoT/IoE), in terms of both a consumer IoT/IoE and the Industrial IoT. With this scenario in mind, one of the main challenging task is the wireless powering of such ubiquitous devices to allow truly perpetual wireless-powered communication (WPC).

This talk describes the design of  RF architectures for transmitting and receiving front-ends for battery-less scenarios, and shows how multi-domain design approach, combining EM theory and numerical simulation with nonlinear circuit design, can provide reliable system implementaions; some significant applications, such as high precision localization (centimeter-level ) and tracking, adopting UWB communication, and predictive maintenance in machineries and industrial plants scenarios exploiting low-energy communications.