The MTT-S eNewsletter is published monthly as a service to members of the MTT-Society. The newsletter includes announcements of upcoming microwave events and deadlines for nominations, applications and calls for papers. It is sent to every member with an e-mail address on record at IEEE membership services. If you are already an IEEE member and would like to add MTT-Society membership, login to your IEEE account and select add services in the left hand column.

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Douglas McCormick     douglas.mccormick.us@ieee.org

Article Submission

Announcements must be short (less than 200 words) and should be about events, conferences, contests, publications, or other topics of interest to MTT-Society members.  They should consist of a single headline plus a short paragraph briefly describing the topic of the announcement.  All submissions should include a hyperlink to a web page or email address where those interested can obtain more information.  Calls for Papers and Conference Announcements will not be published unless they comply with the format described above.   Please do not submit one or two page formatted announcements intended for print publications.  Announcements should be submitted to the e-Newsletter editor at least 7 days prior to the end of the month to be considered for publication in the following month's newsletter.

Submit your contribution to the newsletter to xun.gong@ucf.edu


Inquiries in this regard should be addressed to:

Mark David
Senior Manager Advertising & Business Development
IEEE Media
445 Hoes Lane
Piscataway, NJ  08854  USA


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