MTT AdCom and Volunteer Directories

One of the greatest advantages of MTT-Society membership is the opportunity to network with other professionals in your field of interest and to work with other volunteers. The MTT-Society provides you with several directories that allow you to identify and contact other volunteers within the Society.


The committees that support the Administrative Committee of the MTT Society and the volunteers serving on those committees are listed in the Adcom Committees Organization Directory.


The MTT Society maintains twenty-five technical committees, covering various areas of specialization within MTT-S. The various committees service member needs in a particular technical area. The Chair and Vice Chair of each committee serve 3-year terms and maintain open membership for those interested in the given technical area. Committee Chairs serve as non-voting members of the MTT-S ADCOM. A listing of these committees, contact information for their officers, and links to their web pages can be find in the Technical Committee Listing.


Many other Society volunteers are listed in the Volunteer Directory.