Chapter Activities Support for Your Chapter

The MTT-Society provides financial support to affiliated chapters that request it. The amount of support will not exceed $1000.00 for chapters comprised only of MTT Society members, or $500.00 for chapters which are associated with other IEEE Societies (such as APS, ED etc.). Chapters do have to meet certain minimum requirements described below and must file all required documents with their application for support.

MTT-S support should not be the only financial support your chapter receives. IEEE Sections are responsible for the formation of local Chapters and are also responsible for Chapter support. Your IEEE Section receives an allowance for every active Chapter that has submitted all of their required reporting and held at least two (2) technical meetings in the previous year. In addition, the Section receives a membership rebate, and is also eligible for other rebates and bonuses based on your chapter’s timely reporting, and number of members.

An additional bonus is provided for Chapters reporting ten or more technical, educational, or professional meetings. The details of how rebates and allowances to your Section are calculated are described on the IEEE MGA Geographic Unit Rebate Schedule page. These funds are intended to support the work of the Chapters. If your Chapter is not receiving (at a minimum) this level of support from your Section, please contact your MTT-Society Regional Chapter Coordinator.

Please report all of your meetings (see Reporting Meetings page) so that your Chapter receives the support intended. To find out the names of your local Section Officers, check the online geographic roster. If you are a current Chapter Chair, you can access the roster using your IEEE web account. Additional IEEE contact information for Society Chapter Coordinators is published on the IEEE Society Chapter Coordinator page. IEEE Chapter information is also available at the IEEE Chapter page.


Before a chapter applies for MTT-S financial support they should apply for support from the IEEE Section to which that chapter reports. Sections receive a rebate for your chapter’s past year’s activities and the Section should support your current activities.

All requests for Chapter activity funding must be accompanied with the following documentation:

1) Proof of at least two reported meetings during the previous year (chapters less than one year old are exempt from this requirement). Acceptable documentation of meeting reporting can be copies of filed L31 forms or a copy of the Vtools listing of reported activities.

2) Complete contact information for the current Chapter officers. The Chapter Officer Directory online form is available for this purpose.


You can download a Chapter Activities Financial Support Request form. You may use this form by completing and submitting it, then following up with an email to your Regional Coordinator with your previous year’s meeting reports and confirmation that your Chapter Directory information is up-to-date. Chapter chairs can use the form and apply for chapter activities support starting in January of each calendar year. Decisions concerning what chapters will receive support are usually made by March. Depending on availability of funds, additional funding may be awarded later in the year. If your chapter applies for support, you can expect to be informed of the status of your application within about 60 days of the decision.