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This August edition of Microwave Magazine features a question-and-answer session with me and Charlotte Blair, “2021 MTT-S President’s Task Force on Mentoring, Diversity, and Inclusion: A Conversation Between WIM Members”

Charlotte and I discuss our involvement with the 2021 MTT-S task force and talk about the strides that have been made in the past decade to expand awareness of and involvement in the Women in Microwaves (WIM) and Women in Engineering (WIE) groups within MTT-S and what we are working on presently to align with and implement the WIE Pledge: “IEEE WIE pledges to work towards gender-diversified panels at all IEEE meetings, conference, and events, including our own.”

We have been making a concerted effort to grow the WIM organization globally and expand the subcommittee through a diverse group of students, younger and older professionals, members of government and academia from Europe, Asia-Pacific, and the Americas. We worked hard during the pandemic to foster virtual meetings and events as well as to implement regular communications through an expanded website to keep members engaged despite the lack of opportunities to meet face-to-face at conferences.

As I conclude in the interview, every journey starts with a first step, and we have made huge progress in implementing inclusion and diversity within MTT-S. But of course, there is a long way to go. Please read the article to learn more about these important activities and get involved by signing up for our mailing list.