Apex Awards 2017

IEEE Publications Receive Apex Awards in 2017!

The winners in the 29th annual Apex awards for Publication Excellence Competition have just been released and three IEEE publications are recipients. For Magazine, Journals and Tabloids the Vol. 10, no. 2 issue of IEEE Women in Engineering Magazine received an Award of Excellence for writing in the entire issue. For Writing – Interviews and Personal Profiles the Vol. 10, no. 1 issue of IEEE Women in Engineering Magazine received an award for “A Career Fit for a Queen”. For Writing – Departments and Columns the IEEE Microwave Magazine received three Awards of Excellence all for columns by Fred Schindler. Fred’s columns were “Is Smaller Better?”
 in the January 2016 issue, “My Great-Grandfather Was a Webmeister” in the May 2016 issue and “Managers Too” in the November 2016 issue. And under Design & Illustration – Best Redesigns the IEEE Industry Applications Magazine won an Award of Excellence.

The Apex Publication Excellence Competition is yearly and sponsored by the Editors of Writer’s Web Watch, published by Communications Concepts, Inc. Best Practices in Print, Web & ePublishing. APEX 2017 awards are in two main areas: graphics and writing. But the real goal of the award is to recognize excellence and communication effectiveness.

IEEE publications have received awards in the past but not every year. In 2017 1,361 entries were evaluated from media published in 2016. While Magazines, Journals and Tabloids formed the largest category the entries included newsletters, annual reports, print and electronic media, social media, websites, campaigns, writing, design & illustration as well as one-of-a-kind publications. Categories also included small and large distributions so in total a very wide range of publications were evaluated. Overall for 2017 543 Awards of Excellence were given in 100 categories and 100 Apex Grand Awards were given in 11 major categories. Please join us in congratulating all those involved in these awards. Further information can be found by looking up Announcing the Winners of APEX 2017 (pdf).

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