2018 President's Message

Dear Colleagues,

It is an amazing time for microwave engineering and science. The desire for people and objects to exchange information without the need for wires or cables is now almost universal and in nearly all cases relies on electromagnetic energy in the RF, microwave, mm-wave or THz bands. The remarkable advances in communications capabilities foreseen for 5G are rapidly approaching and will enable a host of transformative applications for our lives and our societies. It is significant that a key component for the full deployment of 5G will be mass-market exploitation of mm-waves. We even want to lose the power cable where possible and wireless power transfer is also advancing rapidly. Against this exciting background of change and growth it is a wonderful privilege and honor for me to serve as Microwave Theory & Techniques President in 2018.

MTT is the largest global organization of professionals engaged in the broad range of microwave-based technology. Indeed, one of the great strengths of MTT is its combined engagement of academics and researchers with leading practitioners and innovators in industry. Our flagship conference, the IMS, will be held in Philadelphia in 2018 and promises to be an outstandingly successful, must-attend event. Besides state-of-the-art research contributions it will feature the world’s largest industrial exhibition in the field. If you are engaged in the sector or even just interested in the huge impact that this technology is having on society and the economy do make a point of attending IMS-2018 between 10th – 15th June. As additional industry-facing resources we have promoted our highly successful Microwaves 101 website www.microwaves101.com and our rapidly-developing and popular Webinar series.

The core activities of the Society relate to publications and conferences. As President, I wish to ensure that these remain strong and continue to grow in terms of scale and reputation throughout 2018. MTT-members now receive unlimited on-line access to all of the publications of the Society, including the award-winning IEEE Microwave Magazine with technical content that is both accessible and meets the highest quality standards. MTT sponsors some 40 conferences all around the globe, some specialized, some with more general themes and I would encourage you to attend as many of these as you can in 2018. Many of these now feature Young Professional events to support members in the early phase of their careers.

People sometimes ask me what is the additional benefit of joining the MTT Society when they are already members of IEEE. While there are many benefits for very little additional cost, I would like to stress one that is often overlooked. It is the social benefit of joining a network that can greatly help you in your personal career development. When I look back over my own career, I realise the enormous benefit that I derived from my involvement in MTT. This started as a student member and developed through my engagement with my local Chapter. The Chapter is the fundamental social structure of MTT: there are over 200 of them in almost every corner of the world. Chapters run events for members such as through hosting talks by Distinguished Microwave Lecturers and they provide a great way to build up your professional network. At a later time in your career if you are applying for IEEE Fellowship, the support of your local Chapter can be a hugely important factor. IEEE in general, and MTT in particular, is a highly volunteer-driven organization. Don’t just join, get involved! Please look around our web-site and explore the great variety of activities in which members of the MTT Society are involved.

In conclusion, I would like to pay tribute to my predecessor as President, Dr Dylan Williams who worked tirelessly to promote the Society and its Members in 2017. I am looking forward to serving as MTT President in 2018 and meeting many of you as possible during the year.

Tom Brazil

IEEE MTT-S President 2018

Read the letter from 2017 President, Dylan Williams.