Workshop and Symposia Assistance

Procedure for up to $500 Event Funding

The MTT-S ADCOM has established a fund to aid needy chapters in putting on workshops and symposia. The fund provides $500 seed money per chapter to aid in putting on a yearly workshop or symposia. We have limited funding so please do not apply unless the money is truly needed.


Criteria for up to $500 Event Funding

The requirements for a qualifying workshop or symposia are:

  • The meeting must be at least four hours in length
  • An IEEE membership booth must be present at the event
  • The MTT-S Regional Coordinator for the chapter must endorse the proposed event

To apply for this program, please complete the online Workshop & Symposia Assistance form.



Procedure for $500 to $3000 Event Funding

With the approval of the Chair of the Membership and Geographic Activities Committee, [search for "(MGA)" on that page] funding of up to $3000 may be approved for a local chapter Workshop or Symposia.  As a general rule, local Workshop/Symposia funding of over $500 requires that the product of the expected number of attendees x total hours of the event exceeds 50.   A rule-of-thumb guideline for workshop/symposia funding exceeding $500 is

$(TOTAL MTT FUNDING) < (attendees)*(hours)*0.5 +$130.

Criteria for > $500 Event Proposal

The requirements for a qualifying workshop or symposia are:

  • A proposal must be submitted with a budget to the MGA Committee Chair
  • The event must have a high quality technical topic and good speakers
  • The event must be a one full day or multiple day Workshop/Colloquium
  • The event must anticipate at least 30 attendees
  • Funding may be used for Speaker’s travel 
  • Funding may not be used for attendees' travel
  • Funding will not be provided for a social meeting or regular chapter meeting. 
  • An IEEE membership booth must be present at the event
  • Event organizers must obtain endorsement from their MTT-S Regional Coordinator
  • The MGA chair will approve funding based on Regional Coordinator endorsement, technical program strength, and budget needs

You may submit your proposal for >$500 event funding to the MTT-Society MGA Committee Chair .

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