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The Speakers Bureau (SB) Program is an additional degree of technical service and support for the MTT-S membership through the Chapters. The main aim of the Program is to supply regional speakers who are geographically local to a requesting Chapter. Based on the Technical Committees SB recommendation and available DML-Es, a pool of potential speakers are provided to serve on the Program who can be called upon to deliver a talk on a case-by-case basis subject to technical focus, location, and availability of funds. If a Chapter is co-sponsoring a regional conference, the talk can be given at the conference. The lecture topics and speakers are listed on this page.

The SB Program Guideline:

  • Max financial support per speaker: $500/trip, $1000/year
  • Max total support per Technical Committee: $2000/year (all regions) + an additional $1000/year for talks delivered to Regions 9-10
  • Available DML-Emeritus (DML-E) speakers can also be requested via the SB Program

Responsibilities of Requesting Chapter:

Please contact the speaker directly to request a talk.

The Chapter is requested to provide city transportation, lodging, and meal for the speaker when necessary. The Chapter should broadly advertise the talk to the local technical community to maximize attendance. The Chapter should inform an approximate number of the attendees before the speaker prepares for the trip.

Forms to be submitted by SB Speakers:

Once assigned to give a talk, please submit the pre-travel form. After the talk, please submit the post-travel form.