IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques

The IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques (T-MTT) is the preeminent publication concerning RF and microwave technology. It focuses on that part of engineering and theory associated with microwave/millimeter-wave components, devices, circuits, and systems involving the generation, modulation, demodulation, control, transmission, and detection of microwave signals. This includes scientific, technical, and industrial activities. Microwave theory and techniques relates to electromagnetic waves usually in the frequency region between a few MHz and a THz; other spectral regions and wave types are included within the scope of the Society whenever basic microwave theory and techniques can yield useful results. Generally, this occurs in the theory of wave propagation in structures with dimensions comparable to a wavelength, and in the related techniques for analysis and design.

The Impact Factor of T-MTT is 4.381 and the acceptance rate is 35%. The average days from submission to first decision is 41 days and the average time from submission to online publication (in IEEEXplore) is 20.2 weeks.

Electronic Access is Available to digital subscribers through IEEE Xplore.

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The Microwave Prize is the oldest award granted by the Microwave Theory and Technology Society, dating back to 1955. The Microwave Prize recognizes the author(s) of the paper, published in any official IEEE publication during the calendar year but historically selected from the IEEE Transactions on Microwave Theory and Techniques, that is judged to be the most significant contribution in the field of interest of the MTT Society. All past Microwave Prize papers can be viewed here.


  1. Special Issue on Microwave Quantum Engineering: Theory, Devices, Components, and Applications. This special issue is scheduled for publication in December 2023, submission due date is June 30, 2023. Please see the Call for Papers for details.

Special Issues of the Transactions focus on themes of current interest. If you have suggestions for Special Issues send your comments to the Editors (with “Special Issue” in the subject line).