MTT-S Webinars 2020

MTT-S Webinars 2020 Schedule

Date Webinar Topic Speaker Affiliation Sponsors
14-Jan CMOS System on Chip Based Radiometric and Spectroscopic Instruments for Space Exploration Adrian Tang NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory, USA MTT-S
18-Feb Challenges, Design, and Realization of Photo Conductive Antennas (PCA) and Associated System Components for mm-Wave and THz Applications Chinmoy Saha Indian Institute of Space Science and Technology, India COMSOL
10-Mar Connecting With Your Audience, Delivering Your Best John Bandler, Erin Kiley, Erica Dao McMaster University, Canada MTT-S
14-Apr Silicon-micromachined THz systems – enabling the large-scale exploitation of millimeter and submillimeter-wave frequencies Joachim Oberhammer KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden MTT-S
28-Apr Facts and Fallacies in RFPA Waveform Engineering Steve Cripps Cardiff University, UK Cadence
14-May Transceiver Architectures for Beyond-5G: Challenges and R&D Opportunities Payam Heydari UC Irvine, USA DML, SSCS
28-May Broadband Label-free Noninvasive Electrical Characterization of Live Biological Cells James Hwang Cornell University, USA DML
23-Jun 30W Power Amplifier Design Flow using Cree GaN Large Signal Models in AWR Eric Bonelli Wolfspeed, USA Wolfspeed
14-Jul Design of Wireless Devices Embedding Antenna Boosters (Register now) Jaume Anguera Universitat Ramon Llull Barcelona, Spain MTT-S
28-Jul MM-wave GaN Power Amplifiers: Technology to Power the Future James Schellenberg QuinStar, USA DML, Cadence
11-Aug What is my Measurement Equipment Actually Doing? Implications for 5G (Register now) Jon Martens Anritsu Company, USA DML
25-Aug Chip-Scale Wave-Matter Interactions at RF-to-Light Frequencies: Circuits, Systems and Applications (Register now) Ruonan Han MIT, USA DML, SSCS
8-Sep Nonresonating Modes Do It Better! (Register now) Simone Bastioli RS Microwave, USA DML
29-Sep NCSU Rabbit Radar: Design, Simulation & Building your own Frequency Modulated Continuous Wave Radar at Home (Register now) David Ricketts NCSU, USA Cadence
13-Oct Low Phase Noise Signal Generation Utilising Oscillators, Resonators & Filters and Atomic Clocks (Register now) Jeremy Everard University of York, UK DML
27-Oct 50 – 250 GHz Power Amplifier MMICs- Design, Status, and Opportunities using a 250-nm InP HBT Technology (Register now) Zach Griffith Teledyne Scientific, USA Cadence
10-Nov Automotive Radar – a Signal Processing Perspective on Current Technology and Future Systems (Register now) Markus Gardill InnoSenT GmbH, Germany DML
8-Dec Analog Photonic Systems: Features & Techniques to Optimize Performance (Register now) Edward Ackerman Photonic Systems, USA DML
12-Jan-2021 Terahertz communications at 300 Ghz: Devices, Packages and System (Register now) Ho-Jin Song NTT, USA DML

The full Webinar Library can be found at MTT-S Resource Center