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Welcome to the June 2013 issue of the IEEE MTT-S e-newsletter; the official monthly e-newsletter for MTT-S members.

The MTT-Society sponsored the International Microwave Sysmposium (IMS) earlier this month. MTT-S members were invited to take a survey at the conference in exchange for an MTT-S member's gift. We asked members if they had ever volunteered for any Society efforts. Over 56% said they had, but that leaves over 43% who have not participated in MTT-S efforts other than as an attendee. When asked why they had not become involved, the dominant answer with over 77% stated that they had not become involved because they had never been asked to volunteer.

There is a clear message to our busy volunteers. They next time you are working on MTT-S efforts, think about asking another member for help. Involvement is the key to strong membership.

IMS on IEEE.tv

The International Microwave Sysmposium held in Seattle (2-7 June 2013) was a great success. If you missed the show, you can catch up on many of the events on IEEE.tv

IEEE elections: Who will you vote for?

With the annual IEEE election approaching, do you know whom you will choose for 2014 IEEE president-elect? To help you decide, The Institute asked the candidates, IEEE Fellow Tariq S. Durrani and Senior Member Howard E. Michel, to weigh in on important IEEE issues. Read their interviews here.

IEEE members’ annual election ballot packages should arrive in August via first-class mail.

Call for Nominations: IEEE Medals and Recognitions

Nominations for 2014 IEEE Medals and Recognitions are due 1 July 2013. IEEE Medals are the highest recognition within the IEEE awards hierarchy, with the prestigious IEEE Medal of Honor as the premier award. IEEE Medals embrace broad and significant contributions within the technical fields of interest of IEEE.

IEEE Recognitions reward members' individual contributions to IEEE, published papers and corporate advancements within the IEEE fields of interest. IEEE Medal and Recognition Recipients are recognized at the formal IEEE Honors Ceremony. All IEEE members are encouraged to submit a nomination for a worthy candidate within their technical fields. For more information visit the IEEE Medals, Technical Field Awards, and Recognitions page .

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