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December 2023

High-Accuracy True Speed-Over-Ground Measurement Approaches for Rail Vehicles: Comparison of Highly Accurate State of the Art True Speed-Over-Ground Measurement Approaches for Rail Vehicles

by Torsten Reissland, Robert Weigel, Alexander Koelpin, Fabian Lurz

Abstract: This article describes a technique for cross-correlation of two radar signals to accurately measure rail vehicle speed-over-ground at higher speeds than current systems are capable of, and measured performance of a laboratory system is compared to alternative systems used today. The cross-correlation technique processes two radar signals to overcome error from acceleration, wheel slip, terrain roughness, target angle and track debris that impact common doppler radar solutions. The system presented expands on previous work by adding a second transmitter to the laboratory system for two complete radars, and peak velocity error of 0.47 km/h at velocities up to 130 km/h was achieved.