Meetup Microwaves and Mikon

June 26, 2018

Young Professionals Meet-Ups in Poland Section play a significant role in the national IEEE community and are the biggest networking events dedicated not only to young professionals but also to students, scientist, industry representatives and everyone who seeks new international contacts. This year the event was organized at the 22nd International Microwave and Radar Conference (MIKON 2018) which was a part of the 8th Microwave and Radar Week (MRW 2018)

Young Professionals Leading the RFWave in Texas !!

April 26, 2018

Young Professionals are leading the way !! Young Professionals Panel Session was held at the 2018 IEEE Texas Symposium on Wireless and Microwave Circuits and Systems. The event was held after the conference dinner on April 5th, from approximately 8:00 PM until 9:00 PM. As part of the event, students were served a variety of pie and were given the option of coffee, decaf coffee, and hot chocolate to drink

IEEE Multi-Generation Collaboration

December 17, 2016

The IEEE Young Professionals Montreal section and IEEE Montreal Industry Relations co-organized an IEEE Multi-Generation Collaboration on Thursday, November 24th, 2016 at the McConnell engineering building at McGill University. Over 60 participants, coming from different disciplines and age groups, took part in the event of three sessions with frequent networking breaks and refreshments. This novel endeavor to transfer knowledge across age groups was well received by tge delegates and speakers. Read more to know about their views on mentorship, the do's and the don'ts...

Getting Social with Mehmet Parlak : Building sub-THz Hardware Startups

October 3, 2016

Having worked at Broadcom, Nokia Siemens and Panasonic Corporation, with a PhD degree from UC San Diego, Mehmet Parlak is working on 60G WiMesh for addressing the “last-mile problem”. He founded RADIOFAST Microsystems, a hardware startup developing innovative solutions for ultra-wideband silicon front-ends and imaging sensors. He shares with us the challenges in building a hardware company as well as some tips to pull it off. Read on to find out how IEEE and MTT-S helped him along on his journey!

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