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Past Awardees: Outstanding Young Engineer Award

The Outstanding Young Engineer Award recognizes an outstanding young MTT-S Member, who has distinguished him/herself through achievement(s), which may be technical (within the MTT-S Field of Interest), may be exemplary service to the MTT-S, or may be a combination of both. The nominee must be no more than 38 years of age and an MTT member at time of the nomination.

Past Outstanding Young Engineer Award recipients are listed in the table below.  To read the citation and bigraphical information for each awardee, click on the awardee name.

Year Outstanding Young Engineer
2015 J. F. Buckwalter, H. Hashemi, C. Rodenbeck, M. Tamura
2014 A. Alu, D. Peroulis, M. Jarrahi
2013 C. Sarris & P. Scheele
2012 N.S. Barker & R. Miyamoto
2011 P. Blondy, A. Grbic, J. Muldavin,I. Rolfes
2010 L. Mauer, T. Kamgaing, F. Ellinger, F. Teixeira
2009 W.R. Deal & J.Papapolymerou
2008 M. DeLisio, K. Herrick, A.Pham, A.Stelzer
2007 C.Caloz & V.Radisic
2006 I. Gresham & E.Tentzeris
2005 J. Pekarek & T. Weller
2004 R. Lai & R. York
2003 T. Hirose, J. Laskar & G. Rebeiz
2002 K. Wu
Last Updated on 09 June 2015