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IEEE Media Microwave Society (MTT-S)
A Record 12 Gb/s for 28-GHz 5G at 300 Meters
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IEEE Media Microwave Society (MTT-S)
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15 August 2018

A 64-Element 28-GHz Phased-Array Transceiver With 52-dBm EIRP and 8-12-Gb/s 5G Link at 300 Meters Without Any Calibration

A Record 12 Gb/s for 28-GHz 5G at 300 Meters

A 64-element, 28-GHz phased-array transceiver for 5G communications (based on 2x2 transmit/receive beamformer chips) results in 1.1 dB RMS amplitude and 8.9° phase error. The system requires no calibration because of a symmetric beamformer design and a PCB Wilkinson network. The phased array operates at a saturated EIRP of 52 dBm with 4-GHz 3-dB bandwidth, and a 300-m wireless link achieved record-setting data rates of 8-12 Gb/s over all scan angles.
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Hybrid EDA software tools for fast and advanced EM-designs

Hybrid EDA Software Tools for Fast and Advanced EM-designs µWave Wizard™ software combines the flexibility of 2D/3D FEM with speed and accuracy of Mode Matching for the analysis, synthesis, and optimization of passive components, including horn and reflector antennas.

Microwave Acoustic Wave Devices: Recent Advances on Architectures, Modeling, Materials, and Packaging

Advances in Microwave Acoustic Wave Devices

A review of acoustic wave devices in mobile communication discusses bulk acoustic wave (BAW) and surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices, focusing on factors driving SAW and BAW requirements, important materials, modeling the devices at high power levels, and an overview of packaging technologies.
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IMS2018 Highlights Microwaves, Medicine and Mobility 5G developments and trends also featured prominently during the annual Microwave Week

"Microwaves, Medicine and Mobility" Draws 8,400

More than 8,400 attendees visited Philadelphia between June 10 and 15 for the IEEE MTT-S 2018 International Microwave Symposium (IMS), with the theme, "Microwaves, Medicine and Mobility." The IMS technical program drew 4,500 people, and the exhibition featured over 625 companies.
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Minimize Schedule Risk With Off-the-Shelf Technology for LRU Testing

Minimize Schedule Risk with Off-the-Shelf Technology for LRU Testing
Download this white paper to learn how National Instruments and partners can help build an LRU test system that enables your program to stay innovative and competitive.

The Role of Uncertainty for Today's Microwave and Millimeter (MM) Wave Measurements

The Role of Uncertainty for Today's Microwave and Millimeter (MM) Wave Measurements
This on-demand webinar addresses modern tools and techniques to improve accuracy and compute uncertainty for microwave measurement. It spans from advanced calibration techniques to the most recent tool for real-time uncertainty evaluation.

Remote Characterization of Particle Streams With a Multistatic Dual Frequency Millimeter-Wave Radar

Measuring Particle Streams with mm-Wave Radar

A multistatic, dual-frequency, continuous-wave radar sensor with separated transmitters and receivers operating at 91.5 and 150.3 GHz is applied to extend the limits of double-monostatic setups.
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2018 Graduate Student Fellowships

2018 MTT-S Graduate Fellowships Announced

MTT-S announced 12 recipients of 2018 Graduate Student Fellowship Awards, which carries a $6,000 grant to support the awardees' research, with supplemental funding for travel to IMS.
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Gain a Competitive Advantage Through Aerospace and Defense Testing

Gain a Competitive Advantage Through Aerospace and Defense Testing
Download this guide to explore how improvements in test engineering and operational support can help manage business risk and ultimately generate a sustainable market advantage.

Development and In Vivo Performance Evaluation of 10-60-MHz Band Impulse-Radio-Based Transceiver for Deep Implantation Having 10 Mb/s

A 10 Mb/s Implantable Impulse-Radio Transceiver

This implanted transceiver works in the 10-60-MHz band, using impulse-radio technology to deliver the communication speed and reliability required for medical applications. Evaluation shows a minimum data rate of 10 Mb/s when implanted at depths up to 26 cm.
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Call for Papers: IMS2019

Call for Papers: IMS2019, 2-7 June, Boston, MA

With 10 months to go until IMS2019 convenes in Boston, MA, on 2-7 June, it is still not too early to start thinking about submitting papers on all things microwave, 5G, emerging technologies, field devices, active and passive components, and systems. Here is the Call for Papers.
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A Transmission Line Model for the Evaluation of MRI RF-Induced Fields on Active Implantable Medical Devices

Modeling MRI-Induced Fields in Implanted Devices

The authors apply a transmission line model to evaluate magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) radio frequency-induced fields on active implantable medical devices, analyzing the lead body, lead tip, and the implantable pulse generator to predict the safety risks.
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High Ranging Accuracy and Wide Detection Range Interferometry Based on Frequency-Sweeping Technique With Vital Sign Sensing Function

Frequency-Sweeping Boosts Vital-Sign Interferometry

An interferometry-based frequency-sweeping technique resolves the distance ambiguity problem inherent in traditional interferometers, yielding maximum target-detection errors below 23 μm at 5 m. This permits remote detection of amplitude and frequency for respiration and heartbeat.
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Doppler Vital Signs Detection in the Presence of Large-Scale Random Body Movements

Detecting Vital Signs Despite Random Body Movement

Large, random body movements interfere with using miniaturized Doppler radar systems for vital-sign measurement. Now, high-dynamic-range radars and linearized Doppler phase demodulation algorithms reveal previously unresolvable respiration and heartbeat spectra.
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Zero-Power Sensors for Smart Objects: Novel Zero-Power Additively Manufactured Wireless Sensor Modules for IoT Applications

Coming Up: mmWaves, THz, Infrared, ICs and More

Upcoming MTT-S-sponsored meetings include: Millimeter Waves and Terahertz Technologies (UCMMT, Hangzhou, 5-6 Sept.); Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz Waves (IRMMW-THz, Nagoya, 9-14 Sept.); Electromagnetic and Acoustic Wave Theory (DIPED, Tbilisi, 24-28 Sept.); European Microwave Integrated Circuits (EuMIC, Madrid, 24-26 Sept.), and more.
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